Crafting Up A Storm

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Saturday 9th June class - Tea Shoppe

What a wet and miserable day it is today!  It's half term this week so we've been busy doing family stuff.  I've just grabbed 5 minutes to put up the samples of what we'll be making at the class this Saturday.

I've seen a few cascading cards recently and wanted to have a go at making one myself.  I designed the template so that it worked on a sheet of A4 and I used my new score board which made it really easy.

I love this card, so simple but so pretty.

One for the dads, this could be changed to someone's initials if Dad wasn't appropriate.

Another score board creation :)

There are still places at the moment for the class this Saturday so email me to book on.

Have a good weekend.
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